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Power and Performance

Whether you’re cutting your crop or your customers’ crops – you need to get a lot done in a tight time frame. The performance of Case IH WD 3 Series Windrowers starts with the most powerful engine and largest disc header available in the industry and extends to many other innovative, efficiency-improving features. The end result? An unmatched system that allows you to move faster through the field and cut more… all day, every day.

Operator Enviroment

Looking for a comfortable, modern cab that offers many features? The cab on the WD 3 Series Windrower is for you. It offers industry-leading visibility with intuitive controls like the ergonomically-correct Multi-Function Propulsion lever, also used in the CASE IH Axial-Flow® combines. The standard features will impress you – and the optional features will amaze you.

Rotary Disc Headers

The fact remains; a windrower is only as good as its header. Case IH has you covered. New Case IH RD 3 Series Rotary Disc Headers are designed for customers who demand high quality, nutrient rich hay, greater productivity, decreased operating costs, and reduced downtime.Disc headers are available in 16ft and 19ft widths with chevron intermeshing rubber or steel conditioning systems.

Sicklebar and Draper Headers

Farm operations come in all types and sizes; so do headers for WD 3 Series Windrowers. The HDX 2 Series sicklebar headers offer an appropriate size for any customer who requires high quality cut hay, while the DH2 Series draper headers are ideal for windrowing crops including canola, wheat, barley, flax and forage. Whichever is best for you, the cost-effective productivity of Case IH intuitive innovation stands ready to work for you.HDX sicklebar headers are available in 14ft, 16ft or 18ft widths.

Draper heads are available in 25ft or 30ft widths.