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Power at the heart of crop production

The engines in the Steiger and Quadtrac range are designed to deliver maximum horsepower, with the engine power management delivering up to 62 more horsepower if needed, for navigating undulating fields, steep roads and meeting the higher PTO and hydraulic power demands of today’s larger, more productive implements.

Putting power to the ground using the unique Quadtrac design track system will minimise soil damage from the impact of using heavy equipment and maximise crop yields. This is some text in a paragraph.

The bottom line counts

Case IH customers make our products more efficient and easier to use because they help us develop technology. Our engineers work with farmers in the field then use that feedback to improve our designs.Case IH dealers and technicians engage those who use our products, get to learn how they work and find ways to improve results. It’s how we’ve created solutions like APM (Automatic Productivity Management) a system which allows the engine and transmission to communicate and establish the optimum performance range for the required speed and load, providing the greatest economic efficiency.

Comfort and simplicity

The comfort of the operator’s environment is a priority for the highest operator productivity. The industry leading Case IH Surveyor cab improves ride comfort in all conditions, with the option of both cab and seat suspension systems.At the same time, operation is made easy with the Case IH Multicontroller armrest, maximising precision in vehicle and implement control.

Controls integrate advanced innovative technology such as APM – Automatic Productivity Management for optimising vehicle settings and AFS – Advanced Farming Systems providing the architecture for fully automated precision farming.

Do the maths – simplicity really adds up

Feedback from customers clearly indicates that tractors equipped with the Multicontroller and ICP (intuitive control panel) are the easiest to understand and operate.We have done the sums and found that compared to competitors’ systems the Case IH control concept can save you nearly 30% on the time it takes to become fully acquainted with the way the tractor works.

The fact is this time saving in the first month adds up to more than 80 hours which, if converted into driver’s wages (multiplied by the number of drivers), becomes serious money. To put it simply, it puts money back in your pocket from day one.