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Mower Conditioners

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Rotary Disc -Mower Conditioners

High speed, high quality

Glide through lush stands of lucerne, acres of dense grass and even tough cane crops, at high ground speeds. Case IH DC3 series center-pivot disc mower conditioners combine fast cutting with high-quality conditioning. Choose from two new models, the DC133 and DC163, built to handle a variety of crops and designed for easy, uninterrupted use. Both let you move quickly and easily from field to field, offer intuitive operation with fewer, simpler adjustments and allow you to pick up speed while maintaining consistent cutting when bad weather is on the horizon. These join the proven DC102 side pull mower conditioner for a range of cutting widths from 3.16m to 4.9m


Harvest sooner with exceptional conditioning

Achieve optimum dry down time in all crop conditions with Case IH rotary disc mower conditioners, designed with consistent, thorough conditioning in mind. With an effective torsion-bar roll-pressure design, the Case IH conditioning system applies equal force to the upper conditioning roll arms for uniform conditioning, regardless of crop thickness. Achieve a new level of conditioning performance with the user-friendly and simple “fine tenability” of Case IH conditioning systems.