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Harvest Tools

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On-the-Go Harvest Monitoring and Control

Harvest is your one and only shot to monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. You need intuitive solutions that help you gather valuable crop information right away, and that’s what AFS provides. You can immediately analyse the performance of different seed varieties and, most importantly, you have a system and support team designed to fit the way you farm. Case IH AFS harvest monitoring and mapping tools deliver all your needs.

Harvest monitoring

All Case IH Axial-Flow combines feature integrated yield and moisture monitoring sensors standard from the factory. The AFS Pro 700 display serves as your single interface to calibrate sensors, view yield and moisture information, monitor combine performance and control machine functions.

AFS variety tracking

Keep accurate records of seed varieties, inputs and performance from planting through harvest automatically with AFS Variety Tracking. Use data from planting for up to 30 different seed varieties per field in conjunction with yield and moisture data tracked at harvest to easily and accurately analyse variety performance.

Auto-cut width

Using your AFS Pro 700 display as the interface, Auto-Cut Width adjusts combine cut width when traveling through odd-shaped fields, point rows or other previously harvested areas. It helps you prevent inaccurate area and yield calculations when used with a GPS recei.