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Combine Fronts

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Case IH Combine Fronts

The greatest choice of fronts to give you the greatest yields

Simple, reliable Case IH header designs deliver consistent performance and durability, regardless of crop or conditions. Just like the combines behind them, Case IH headers are simple to set and adjust, intuitive to operate and help you deliver more, high quality grain to the tank. With headers as wide as 45 feet, they deliver a steady stream of grain to match high capacity of machines like the Axial-Flow 9240.

Flex Grain Header

Model: 3020 Available in: 30- and 35-ft. lengths.Providing the latest advances in harvesting technology, the 3020 flex auger header improves combine performance and increases harvesting capacity. With the Case IH Terra-Flex cutterbar flotation system you can work harder and smarter without sacrificing cut-height. Cutterbar pressure can be adjusted and still have a high range of motion to increase grain savings.

  • Patented auger finger retention system keeps broken fingers out of the feeding system
  • Terra-Flex cutterbar flotation system better follows ground contours
  • Heavy-duty single knife drive or optional double knife drive on 30- & 35-ft. models
  • 4 sensor header height control system
  • Easy, 3-step header hook up
  • Independently adjustable cutterbar section for better performance

Rigid/Terra-Flex Draper Header

Rigid Model: 3152 Available in: 25-, 30-, 35-, 40- and 45-ft. lengths. Flex Model: 3162 Available in: 30-, 35-, 40- and 45-ft. lengths.With today’s high horsepower Axial-Flow combines, faster harvest speeds, tougher crop genetics, and unpredictable harvest conditions, the 3152/3162 series draper headers have been engineered to harvest more of what you plant at high productivity levels.

  • New heavy-duty CentraCut knife drive creates even load capacity across the length of the head, reducing overall weight and vibration
  • Six-bat cam action reel positively engages crop and lifts it over the cutterbar to the draper belt for increased grain savings and grain quality
  • Fully welded construction of the mainframe ensures strength and durability in the field
  • Narrow crop dividers reduce crop knockdown, increasing grain savings
  • Hydraulic header Fore/Aft tilt is standard equipment, allowing for maximum ground following
  • Simple set-up and maintenance
  • In-cab cutterbar flotation adjustment on 3162 Terra-Flex headers
  • Torsion arms can be adjusted individually to fine tune cutterbar pressure
  • Terra-Flex cutterbar flotation system better follows ground contours
  • Features 3″ up and 3″ down for a total of 6″ of cutterbar travel. This provides the ability to harvest low podded crops in uneven terrain. The cutterbar can also be locked rigid for cutting off of the ground
  • Cutterbar tension is controlled using a simple rubber torsion block that provides consistent response through the full range of cutterbar travel
  • Exclusive Terra-Flex torsion block provides true flexible cutterbar

Pick-up Header

Model: 3016 Available in: 12- and 15-ft. lengths.The 3016 Pickup head is available in two sizes, 12′ Grass Seed Special (single belt) and a 15′ grain Pickup (three separate belts). They are perfect for harvesting windrowed crops.

  • Hydraulic crop hold down
  • Hydraulic flotation of pick-up with in-cab control
  • 24 in. diameter floating auger
  • Variable speed hydraulic drive
  • Two-stage delivery unit
  • Castering gauge wheels enhance tracking on turns, provide less frame stress and eliminate ground scuffing.

Corn Heads

Models: 4400, 4200 Available in 6 row (30″, 36″ and 38″ configurations), 8 row (30″, 36″ and 38″ configurations) and 12 row (30″ rigid and folding)Heavy-duty drives designed for high speed harvest and high-yielding corn hybrids

  • Superior residue and stalk processing with even spread distribution
  • Numerous exclusive features, including patented corn saver louvers
  • Improved gathering chain and stalk roll speeds for maximum grain savings
  • New poly dividers are more durable and provide quick easy access for cleaning and fast conversion from field to road

All 4400 Series corn heads are compatible with 10, 20, 230, 240 and 88, 130, 140 Series combines while the 4200 Series is compatible with legacy combine feeders (2500, 2300 Series and prior).