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Axial-Flow Combines

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Leading the industry

Harvesting meets efficient power

Regardless of crop, field condition or farm size, Case IH Axial-Flow combines are proven to produce the highest in both grain quantity and quality. As a member of the Case IH Efficient Power family, Axial-Flow combines are designed to deliver exceptional fuel economy as well as impressive horsepower.

Axial-Flow Family

Meet the industry’s largest lineup

Case IH offers the broadest model offering to meet the needs of any operation, including two Class VII models so producers can tailor a machine to their unique needs. From the hardworking, simple Class V Axial-Flow 5140 with 275 horsepower all the way up to the powerful Class IX Axial-Flow 9240 that peaks at 625 horsepower, you will find an Axial-Flow combine perfectly suited for your operation’s needs. From header to spreader, Axial-Flow series systems are carefully matched to ensure efficiency and productivity. The Axial-Flow line represents simplicity and reliability with the fewest drive components and longest service intervals in the industry. It also leads the industry with features such as the largest cleaning systems, most innovative drive systems, and largest selection of headers.


Axial-Flow combines are designed with fewer moving parts for unmatched reliability and easier serviceability.

Crop adaptability

Designed to harvest over 134 types of grains in many conditions. The Axial-Flow combine is versatile enough to match your diverse harvesting needs.

Matched capacity

Controlling crop flow is the key to harvesting success. The Axial-Flow feeder, rotor, grain handling, residue management, and power systems are designed to optimise crop flow and maximise productivity.

Grain quality

Gentle grain-on-grain threshing is the hallmark of the Axial-Flow design. From feeding to cleaning, the entire system is designed to minimise grain damage.

Grain savings

Axial-Flow combines pave the way for savings. Thorough threshing and efficient separation put more grain in the tank and more profits in your pocket.

Resale value

Case IH combines reward their owners with impressive resale value. A wide variety of kits are also available to enhance performance, upgrade technology, boost productivity and maximise your investment.

Operator Environment

Introducing the true mobile office Axial-Flow Combine cabs

Thanks to your input, Case IH has taken the largest, most comfortable combine cab in the industry and made it even better, providing the ultimate in convenience, comfort and productivity for your office in the field.