When your business needs to deliver, Heavy duty is your greatest asset. The range consists of 11 models with enough grunt to keep going and going. Designed with driver comfort and safety at the forefront, enjoy the benefits of a work environment tailored to your needs.

Heavy Cab Chassis

Prime Movers

Whether it’s a metro, regional or intra-state job, the Fuso Prime Mover is designed to move freight as efficiently as possible. There are two models depending on your application; the entry level 4X2, ideal for lighter loads, and the powerful 6×4 with greater hauling capacity.

FV Range

The FV range allows you to get tough jobs done with comfort and ease. Suited to both on and off road applications, the combination of 6×4 drive configuration and inter-axle diff lock provides greater traction and control.

FS Range

With more axles and wheels than any other Fuso, the 8×4 has the muscles to get the job done. Supporting a maximum body length of 8.3 metres, the FS is an ideal rigid truck for applications requiring high weight distribution across the front axles.